Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is undervalued in terms of it's effects on patient health and nutrition. Effective oral care reduces infection and promotes good health as reported by numerous studies.

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Clean and Fresh

Regular appointments with your Hygienist is just as imperative as regular check-ups with your dentist. Your hygienist is there to professionally clean and polish your teeth .They will also advise in home hygiene care.

Home care along with regular appointments with your hygienist is the perfect combination in assuring your mouth is healthy.

Preventing gum disease and decay with the help of your hygienist will ensure that any crowns, fillings, implants and natural teeth have the best oral environment to last a long time.

At No.1 High Street Dental Practice we have hygienists who look after the oral hygiene of our patients. We also have a dentist who has a special interest in periodontology (gums) to look after those more complex cases.

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